Pallet compost bin

I wanted to share what we were up to yesterday here at the Wiseley Family Homestead. :) My husband put together this pallet compost bin. It's so easy to do and FREE. :) 

Along with that, here is what I did yesterday...raked leaves, wheeled them to said compost bin, pruned the grape vines, pulled weeds, cut down dead irises from last year, and thinned out the blackberries. What's that? Sounds like too much for me to do? Well, you're right. :) I was completely wiped out last night, but it felt so good to get out and function on our homestead. I do realize I won't be doing that much at once again. I did sleep really well last night though. ;) My husband and son also did some work, but I did the most...don't tell them I said that. ;)

My hands are a bit sore this morning, but mostly because I sliced my middle finger while pulling a weed. Right in the bend. Ouch. Other than some weakness in my neck and back, I feel pretty good this morning. Now don't go worry that I'm gonna overdo it...yesterday was just a big push to get some things done around here we've been putting off all winter and we just wanted to get it done before my husband goes back to work tomorrow after his winter layoff. From now on, I will only be doing one project a day. :) I'm just praising God I was able to do those chores, but I'm not gonna push it :)

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the wonder that Spring brings. I know I am.

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