What a weekend!

 I was so blessed to attend Hearts at Home and listen to the Duggars speak. It was so refreshing to hear. They spoke about training their children and not neglecting your husband. They talked about getting the Word into their hearts, teach them to fight (evil) with scripture, to focus on one character quality a month, to smile, to make sure your kids know what you expect of them, be joyful and meek. She talked about husbands and wives not teasing each other, but instead to build each other up. Be realistic...when our expectations are too high and are not realistic, frustration breeds. She also said no silent treatment, but instead to pray together :) (she said that one was hard lol) And lastly she talked about not neglecting your husband even if you are tired and just want to sleep. She said that we as wives are the only ones who can meet that particular need. It was just amazing. 

I got to meet Jim Bob and shake his hand and thank him for their godly marriage example. I told him it was refreshing to see it "work" for a couple and that it is possible to have a good godly marriage. (everyone was in line to see Michele and Jim Bob was just standing alone. That's when I felt the poke of God to go encourage him with what I said. He appreciate the encouragement) :)

 Then there was the "fly lady." She talked about having an organized home and most importantly, decluttering. You can't organize clutter, you just have to get rid of it. :)

It was a great time and a once in a lifetime experience in meeting the Duggars. I came away exhausted ;), but most of all encouraged and ready to see some positive changes in my life and the life of my family. :)

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  1. Wow here are a lot of good tips to be reminded of - thanks for sharing them Stephanie. Sometimes my husband and I see other couples talking each other down or making jokes and we cringe a little because it seems hurtful or "undermining". We don't like sitcom tv because the script can be so poor and yet it is portrayed as cheap humor. I am sensitive that way.


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