Dorky picture day...

Ok, my son was taking some pictures for me for my facebook page and blog. I had finished my Easter dress and wanted to share the completed project to my facebook readers. While getting the pictures, there were some goofy ones in there that he suggested I here goes. LOL

 I have no idea what I was doing haha.

 How it was supposed to look.

Ok...this one, I just had a HUGE bumble bee fly by me LOL
My son was cracking up at this one!

 What it was supposed to look like with no scary bees! :) 

I think I was trying to get situated LOL

How it was supposed to look. This is the Easter dress I made. I will be wearing it to service tonight as we have an Easter service tonight and also tomorrow. We chose to go tonight so we can rest and enjoy our Sunday together maybe with a picnic (weather pending) :) I love to sew, but it sure wears me out a lot now days. With all my illnesses it can be difficult. But, I have learned to slow down and have patience. This dress normally would take me a day (if it was already cut out) Now it takes me a week or more. But, I can still do it! :) here's a dorky picture of the cameraman, our son Hunter! :)

Hope you laughed a little! Blessings to you and may you rejoice in the Lord as He is risen!

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