Feminine Friday

Sometimes feminine to my husband is jeans and a t-shirt. :) I haven't been able to wear jeans for MONTHS. It would hurt my legs to wear them and then there was the bone marrow edema and my knee was so swollen, it was uncomfortable to have anything touch it. My legs have atrophied so much.  The calves are tiny little sticks. Wearing jeans allows me to hide that part of my disease. :)

You can still see the fatigue in my face. I'm hoping with this new treatment that will fade and I will have some more energy. I've got some livin' to do ya know! ;) Maybe by next Feminine Friday...;)

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  1. So Cute! I love the simplicity of a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a little something around my neck (necklace or scarf) and ta da! :)

  2. My brother had a badly detereorated hip and severe pain. It took docs. several years to figure out where the pain was coming from and in the meantime his leg atrophied to the point there was NO muscle definition in his leg. After hip replacement surgery and rehab. he has since regained 100% of that leg. You can do it! Prayers for your full recovery!

    1. I would be pleased to get my muscles back. Unfortunately, with the muscle disease, it's near impossible to build muscle. But I won't stop trying :) Myasthenia Gravis is a form of Muscular Dystrophy.
      I'm so glad your brother regained his leg. :) I DO appreciate your prayers.


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