Marriage Monday (from the archives) We have an important job to do

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Sometimes I think that we lose sight of the respectability and the nobility of our position as a wife. We forget that it's a very important job. Adam needed a helper. It was not good for him to be alone. Our husbands also need a helper. I realize it's not popular to be a submissive wife. The world will lead us to believe that it is better to be self-serving. It is not...

Serving our husband seems to have gone out of style. But, we as wives, are supposed to do just that. I think many of us have lost sight of the joy of our calling. We get bogged down with our daily duties as wives. Taking care of the children, homeschooling (if you do), dishes, laundry, cooking, taking care of our husbands needs, being cheerful, being a good steward of the money, farm work, keeping the fire going (in the woodstove ;) ), etc. These things, although mundane, must be done. If we have a servant's heart, we will see all these "mundane" things as an opportunity to bless and fulfill the needs of others.

This weighs on my heart a lot. I can have a difficult time being a happy servant. Sure, I can serve, but it's not always in a happy manor. I want to better. So this is what I try to do...

I try to see the fruits of my labor...happy husband and contented son. Seeking God first helps tremendously. Realizing all you do, you do for HIM.

I try to rest. If I am not rested, I tend to dread serving. Let's face it...when I'm exhausted, I just don't feel like serving. When we are too tired, we can't serve our husbands as God has planned us to do. Do not scurry around the house until you are all frustrated and in bad spirits. Take one thing at a time and rest up before your husband comes home. :)

I try to be still before God during some part of my day. It gives me the stamina and wisdom to deal with some of the frustrations I face during the day. This can be hard to remember to do when your day is going haywire. But, it's very important. I have to remember Who I'm working for. :)

God has called us to serve our husbands and be their helpmeet. It is a very important job. One given straight from God himself. We should do our best to fulfill what God has called us to do. We can do it gladly....with HIS help. :) 

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  1. I really needed this reminder this morning! Thank you so much for sharing :) Thinking about this as I head into my day :)


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