Praising Him...

Praising God for having His hand on this new medicine and treatment! He has ended my awful suffering! I have less pain that is functional now and feel as though a fog has been lifted. Praying it is allowed to last :)

 The power was out this morning for over 4 hrs. It was storming. Most days like this with the rain would be excruciating for me. Today, just mild pain. :) I think I will mark off my raised beds and do some planting (if the rain stays gone now) :)
"For the Lord your God is a merciful God..." Deuteronomy 4:31
For the record..I always knew God was a merciful God. It's just at this moment in time, I see His mercy in my life and not just others. :)

Being able to function without horrible pain is such a huge blessing for me. I feel like my prayers over several years are being answered. Why now? I don't know, but I do know He does and my faith is in His wisdom.  I'm going to need that wisdom as to not overdo myself because it is so easy to now. But, even with the pain gone, I must be careful with my Myasthenia Gravis.  I still get weak and can get into emergent trouble if I overdo.

That being said, I was able to go out to eat in an EVENING and was still able to sit up! I was able to wring out my hair with strong hands. I was able to volunteer at church and not get fatigued much in the work. It was soooo refreshing! Oh and my swallowing is better!

I don't want to get my hopes up too much to have the dashed if it doesn't last. BUT, I am enjoying and rejoicing in every moment He gives me of days without horrible pain. I feel like the crushing of satan has been lifted and my soul can breathe again. I know that may sound weird. But, feeling like you are suffocating, can barely move, can hardly think, etc and then feeling mostly pain free, clear thinking, and being able to take deep breaths when you couldn't before, it feels like a grip has been let loosed. 

I know there will be days when I will still struggle. I'm not ignorant to these illnesses. But, I'm having hope that those days will be far apart. :)

THANK YOU to all who have been praying! I hope you are rejoicing with me! Let your mind be settled that He is taking care of me and His mercy abounds.  Continue to pray that this medicine will have favor for years to come!

Blessings to you all! The LOAD is a lot lighter. ;)

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  1. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know exactly how you must feel! Bless you glad! Rejoicing!

  2. I am so happy that the new medication is working and you are feeling better.


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