Found some great material at an Amish community store. I love their fabric stores. Such nice things to chose from. I will be working on this sometime soon.

We took our son, Hunter, to the new high school he will be attending next year. He tested high enough to be enrolled in Honors Algebra, Honors English, World Geography, Biology, Spanish, a couple technology/computer classes, Health/PE, and can you believe drivers ed already??? Crazy. I'm still getting used to him turning 15 at the end of the summer...And I can't believe this is my last year homeschooling him. We have homeschooled him for 9 yrs (well really his whole life) ;) Of course we will continue teaching him life lessons every day. :)

My husband got most of our garden boxes filled last weekend. I will be planting potatoes this week along with a medicinal herb garden. I'm so glad he helped fill those boxes as I was/am pretty weak. I know once the crops come in that I will be ok to harvest and can, but things are just getting so hard to do. I am trying to do what I can...

God has been drawing me closer to Him and guiding me in some of the changes that I am making in regards to my gentle and quiet spirit. My husband has been encouraging me in this area.  I'm really just trying to slow down and enjoy the day to day without it overwhelming me. I tend to lose my gentle and quiet spirit if I'm overwhelmed. ;)

Our washer broke down after THREE MONTHS (transmission) and the place we bought it from is so terrible with getting it fixed. :(  They got the part in, but then didn't call the number I gave them to set up the appt to come fix it. So because we missed the call yesterday to schedule it, they can't get to it until Saturday. :( I explained to them they didn't do as I asked and call my number to schedule so it wasn't my fault we missed the chance to schedule. Sorry is all they could say. Can I just tell you I was upset. We will be out a washer for a week. I don't have time to sit in a laundromat or pay someone to do it. Ugh! But, I have no choice now. I will NOT buy anything from Dick Van Dyke again...Don't they know how important a washer is to a keeper at home???

Ok...breathe in breathe out. I think I failed with the gentle and quiet spirit. Will try again tomorrow. ;)

I pray you all are having a great week! Blessings to you!

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