Good morning all! 

Today is finally going to warm up more. I like it warm. :) I am hoping to plant this weekend. I'm ready to reap a harvest! :)

Found out the other day that my husband has another opportunity to go to Haiti. Only he is going with people from another church. It's interesting how God orchestrated it. He will be going in October...and will be gone for our anniversary. :( Last year, we were both on the mission field in Venezuela on our anniversary.  Great memory.  My body won't allow me to go on the mission field right now and I'm sure when I will be able to unless it's a permanent thing.  The temporary back and forth traveling and the grueling hours is hard on this ole body. :) 

I ask that you continue to pray earnestly for my doc appt on Friday. Pray she is open to prescribing the medicine I'd like to try and is for "off-label" use. I called our compounding pharmacy here in town and asked if they do it and they said yes. So if she prescribes it, I will be able to get it. If she doesn't then I will have to take narcotics the rest of my life to be able to function. :(  I had to stop taking a medicine they were trying for me as it made my coordination worse and also balance. (I randomly tipped over lol) It was a seizure medicine thought to help with pain. It didn't. Oh before anyone says it, I have changed my diet (been eating natural/gluten free for years), take herbal preparations for pain, exercise, etc. :)  Due to my MG still being bad, I have a hard time swallowing and I am down to 108 lbs because eating is proving difficult at times. I know I have lost around 5 lbs and that's not a lot, but it is for me. Frankly, it's a blessing that you don't see how weak I am and how slow and painful I walk. I don't like people seeing me in pain. Especially when it's not going away...I just ask that it would be less...praying.

Oh, I almost forgot. My husband and son are going on a short mission trip together to Indiana to work this summer. I pray it's a great bonding time for them.  What will I do with myself with a long weekend alone? Massage? :)

One thing that has really made me smile lately is the frogs. Oh how I love to hear them at night. Sends my soul into peaceful happiness. I smile EVERY time. :) If anyone of you hear frogs singing, I hope it makes you think of me. If it does, whenever you hear them, say a little prayer for me.

I hope you all are well and enjoying fun things this Spring like 4-wheeling or such. Now THAT is a blast. :) 

I will leave you with these thoughts...The bible is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions. :)

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  1. OH, I'll definitely be in prayer, for sure!!! I just LOVe the quote at the end of your blog post about the Bible,bread and cake. I'm going to politely borrow this. Where did you hear this? I want to make sure to credit it properly :) :) I'll deifnitely post a link to your blog ;) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)


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