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Busy weekend, but blessed. :)

I've been a bit MIA the last few days. It's been a longggg weekend. :) (I know it's Wednesday) ;) We found an abandoned kitten on our property. Just one. We have no idea where it came from. I found it one evening this weekend when I let the dogs out. They were barking and I went to check as to what they were barking was this little guy. We named him Martin (Marty). I hope to keep him alive with God's help. :)

We went fishing this weekend and I quickly realized that I'm just not into that as much as I used to be. I think I will let the boys keep that one. :)

Also went on a nice hike this weekend and I walked 2 miles. It's not much, but if you knew how I was over a month ago (wheelchair at times) you would know how great that was. :)

I have also found a bible school online that I am currently going through and it keeps me busy. I LOVE it! It is exactly what I've been seeking. It is very intensive and so interesting. Right now I am working on the Old …

Post-it Thoughts Thursday


Pics from around the ole homestead

Our own "monorail" cat lol
 My Daisey Mae :)
 One of the raised bed gardens..Toms, peppers, cukes and squash

 Popcorn, onions, and broccoli
 Beans, beets, carrots, and lettuce
 Medicinal herb garden
 Ginormous rose bush :)
 View from our back deck
 Another view
 My love :)

Marriage Monday


My handsome photographer

My favorite son! :)

 Hunter taking a pic of me taking a pic of can see me in his lens! :) We enjoyed some time at a local park called Rock Springs. It's been sooo nice out!

Feminine Friday


Hidden things...

A couple weeks ago we had to have our house appraised because we were refinancing.  (We have since completed the process and looking forward to money saved!) We obviously wanted to have the house clean when the appraiser got here. I needed help. Hunter decided he would help me and one of the rooms that needed some work was the office. He did his thing and when I went in to check it was wonderful looking. Very organized and looked like someone actually used the room as an office lol.

It was probably a week or so later and my husband needed something out of that room's closet. You can probably guess what happened. Things fell on him! LOL The things that were in the room were put into the closet like you see in cartoons and when you open the door...well. ;)  We REorganized it and now it's nice again like Hunter's intentions were in the first place.

That scenario reminded me of our lives. We, like that room, can look good and put together on the outside, but if we…

Tasty Tuesday..Spring Veggie Paleo Pasta

This delightful recipe comes from Multiply Delicious

I’ve been a bad blogger…I’ve been away and I haven’t been keeping the recipes or anything else for that matter flowing here on the blog.  Sorry but this girl has needed a little break.  I shared with you last week that I have tied on one more thing onto my already busy schedule.  Of course going back to school, being a mom, being a wife, working full-time, cooking, blogging, and crossfitting….they all add up.  With all that being said the hubby and I escaped on Thursday for a long weekend away without the kiddos and away from “life”.  Boy!  You really don’t know you need a break from it all until you are away from it all.  I got to sleep….something that has been seriously been neglected as of late!  I got to read my collection of magazines that have been gathering dust.  I didn’t have to cook….which by the way can be great but very hard when you are following a Paleo lifestyle.  I had many waiters and waitresses aggreg…

Marriage Monday


Wearing a Skirt Doesn't Make You a Better Christian...

This post comes from More Than Four Walls
Head over and check out her page.

Here are my thoughts on the post...

I loved this post. I could have written it myself. I have worn skirt exclusively and I also have not worn them. I even have worn cape dresses and headcovering. I find that I was lead by my fleshly desire to be "Caroline Ingalls and what she's all about" instead of what Christ really wanted. I did become judgmental towards other women who dressed immodest and would notice right away how others dressed. It stuck out when I was wearing just skirts. I will say that when I wore skirts, I was more mindful of how I acted on the outside (more ladylike, softer, etc) but I was still a bit "holier than thou" on the inside.
I have since matured in my faith and continue to dress modest. I wear jeans and cowgirl boots (which is truly more my style) and I still occasionally wear a skirt or dress that I made myself, but when I do it's not for the same r…

Feminine Friday...

Another jeans day. :) It's been a great week! Can you see it in my face today? :)

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Post-it thoughts Thursday


Lovely days...and a conviction

The days so far this week have been so nice. :) I am loving this mild weather. A lot less humidity! :) I have been able to weed the garden with ease. 
I am going to make those grain free thin mints today that I posted yesterday. Yum! My husband will be excited as he loved the regular Girl Scout thin mints and these are so much better for you. :)
I came across a blog post today that was quite convicting. I encourage you to read it here. Tell me what you think...
As a result, I will be making changes with my time. You all won't notice, but my family will. :)

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Tasty Tuesday...grain free thin mints!

This recipe comes from Tasty Kitchen. :) You can see the recipe  here

FOR THE COOKIES:1-½ cupBlanched Almond Flour, Honeyville Brand¼ cupsArrowroot Flour¼ cupsCocoa Powder¼ teaspoonsSea Salt½ teaspoonsBaking Soda½ cupsEarth Balance Butter, Softened½ cupsSugar Or Coconut Palm Sugar1 wholeEgg (A "Flax Egg" Also Works)½ teaspoonsPeppermint ExtractFOR THE CHOCOLATE COATING:15 ounces, weightEnjoy Life Dairy Free Chocolate Chips2 TablespoonsNon-Hydrogenated Shortening (Earth Balance Butter Or Coconut Oil Will Also Work)2 t peppermint extractPreparation Instructions1. For the cookies, stir together almond flour, arrowroot, cocoa powder, sea salt, and baking soda with a whisk until there are no more lumps. Set aside.
2. Beat butter until creamy. Then add sugar and beat until well mixed.
3. Beat in the egg and peppermint.
4. Add the wet ingredients into the dry and stir until dough comes together.
5. Pour dough onto plastic wrap and shape into a cylinder…

Marriage Monday...Do You Make Agreements With Satan?

This has been one of my most read posts. I pulled it from the archives today because, it's so important that I remember NOT to make agreements with satan. I hope it encourages you...

Many of us make agreements with satan and we don't even realize it. It may start out small like a small thought popping in your head. Satan fuels that thought with mores lies until you have made up your mind that you agree with satan. For example...I can't watch Dancing With the is too much of a stumbling block for me. Why? Well, just look at them. They have beautiful bodies that seem to move effortlessly. I made an agreement with satan that my body is just not up to par. It's just not good enough. I went from a small thought of "wow, they are beautiful" to "I'm not that beautiful...I don't have those nice curves... I could never be graceful like that" Those are all satan's lies and I AGREED with them. Sure, I don't look …

We had a blast! (Pun intended)

We had a lot of fun today out shooting. It was pretty warm out (almost 90), but it was perfect shooting weather. :)  This is my handsome hubby getting ready to shoot his AR-15.  Our son was the photographer. :)

In the shot below, our son wanted to capture the smoke coming out of the rifle. Can you see it?

This next one he got the casing coming out...

The handsome little photographer shooting a .22

He really liked shooting the AR-15 :)

This is me and my husband is showing me how to use the AR

I know my shooting stance is completely wrong, but because the rifle was so heavy for me, this is the stance I took. :) I LOVED shooting this AR!

Here is a target I shot...(with the .22 iron sights I think 100 yrds) I was a little exited about shooting the AR! :)

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Feminine Friday

It was such a gorgeous day! I was a little slouchy in the first pic, but hey, I had just mowed the property and planted the raised beds. :) The second pic makes me so happy because even after all that work, my face muscles are still doing well! I definitely rested after this. Trying to be very careful not to put myself in an MG crisis even though I have energy. It's easy to put yourself into respiratory crisis when you are not paying attention to your body... You may be able to see the scar on my chest from surgery. It's from a Thymectomy. It is done for MG patients who have a tumor or hyperplasia of the thymus gland (which sits atop your heart). I had hyperplasia (just a fancy word for abnormally large). That open chest surgery was a breeze :) The Lord was gracious enough to not allow me to sneeze for 2 weeks straight. :) I pray you all enjoy your weekend! We are going shooting tomorrow and I can't wait. I love shooting. I will take pics and blog about it soon. :)Blessing…

Still working at it...

Good morning all! 
How many of you are trying to have a gentle and quiet spirit? I am. I'm not always real good at it. I find when I'm tired or sore, I tend to be more sensitive and frustrated and that's when my voice is no longer calm.  I found myself apologizing to my son this morning for snapping at him. I'm a bit sleepy still, but that is no excuse.  Self-control is one of the fruit of the Spirit. How do you all practice this?

It's going to be really warm here today and I need to mow. I also need to do some planting. I love this time of year!

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Tasty Tuesday...natural "fruit roll-ups"

This tasty treat comes from Love U MadlyI’m a candy gal. A gummi gal to be specific. I look for something sweet immediately after something savory. I know, I know. It’s a bad habit. In an attempt to help myself through my issues and help a reader who requested a recipe for something sweet that is low in sugar and carbs (though natural fruit sugars were A-OK), I was on the mission. First, take a look at the ingredient list in General Mills Fruit Roll-Ups: pears from concentrate, corn syrup, dried corn syrup, sugar, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, citric acid, sodium citrate, acetylated monoglycerides, fruit pectin, dextrose, maltic acid, ascorbic acid, natural flavor and the following food coloring: blue 1, red 40 and yellows 5 and 6. Here is the ingredient list for my Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups: organic fresh, dried, and frozen fruit.

100% Real Fruit Roll-Ups
From Green Kitchen Stories  This recipe is pretty flexible. You have the freedom to pick one fruit or mix differen…