Feminine Friday

It was such a gorgeous day! I was a little slouchy in the first pic, but hey, I had just mowed the property and planted the raised beds. :)
The second pic makes me so happy because even after all that work, my face muscles are still doing well! I definitely rested after this. Trying to be very careful not to put myself in an MG crisis even though I have energy. It's easy to put yourself into respiratory crisis when you are not paying attention to your body...
You may be able to see the scar on my chest from surgery. It's from a Thymectomy. It is done for MG patients who have a tumor or hyperplasia of the thymus gland (which sits atop your heart). I had hyperplasia (just a fancy word for abnormally large). That open chest surgery was a breeze :) The Lord was gracious enough to not allow me to sneeze for 2 weeks straight. :)
I pray you all enjoy your weekend! We are going shooting tomorrow and I can't wait. I love shooting. I will take pics and blog about it soon. :) Blessings to you all!

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