Hidden things...

A couple weeks ago we had to have our house appraised because we were refinancing.  (We have since completed the process and looking forward to money saved!) We obviously wanted to have the house clean when the appraiser got here. I needed help. Hunter decided he would help me and one of the rooms that needed some work was the office. He did his thing and when I went in to check it was wonderful looking. Very organized and looked like someone actually used the room as an office lol.

It was probably a week or so later and my husband needed something out of that room's closet. You can probably guess what happened. Things fell on him! LOL The things that were in the room were put into the closet like you see in cartoons and when you open the door...well. ;)  We REorganized it and now it's nice again like Hunter's intentions were in the first place.

That scenario reminded me of our lives. We, like that room, can look good and put together on the outside, but if we open our "closet doors", we see that we are not really put together. There may be chaos and disorganization, etc. Having a clean heart starts INSIDE. It starts with cleaning up the hidden things that no one sees but God and you. When you clean the inside first, the outside naturally starts to clean up. So many people, including myself, tend to clean up the outside first. When we do that, we can forget the inside because what we see on the outside seems to be just fine and there is no need to go further with the cleansing process.

I have recently had a heart change. I had a very popular page on facebook called Homemakers and Homesteaders. I had 2400 fans. I began to feel like I was too focused on it. I started losing focus on Christ. I spent the majority of my morning (hours) researching items to post on that page for those folks to enjoy. It became too much. The very thing that I am all about (God and my family) became compromised and 2400 strangers took it's place. After MUCH prayer and thought, I have deleted that page. I had tried in the past to simply discipline myself to spend less time with that page, but it never worked out. I was not putting Christ first first thing in the morning...That has changed and I have again begun to put my Lord first in my day and in my life. He is the reason I want to be the best helpmeet and mother I can be. He is the One who gives me strength for the day.

It feels so good to get back on track with the Lord. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit's prompting in this matter and for acting on it.

I will continue to blog here. I am also on Twitter now. (My son is on there and I wanted to keep an eye on him) I found that with Twitter, I can post there and it goes right over to my personal facebook page and I only have to post in one place and I can get on with my day. With Twitter, it is fast, convenient and you are not tempted to comment or "like" everyone's statuses. :) You just read and move on. My kinda thing. :) So if any of you are on Twitter and would like to follow me, I am @titus2baker (you can click the widget at the end of this post) You can get to me on the right side of the blog also through the widget.

I pray everyone has a blessed day. I know I will! :)


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