We had a blast! (Pun intended)

We had a lot of fun today out shooting. It was pretty warm out (almost 90), but it was perfect shooting weather. :)  This is my handsome hubby getting ready to shoot his AR-15.  Our son was the photographer. :)

In the shot below, our son wanted to capture the smoke coming out of the rifle. Can you see it?

This next one he got the casing coming out...

The handsome little photographer shooting a .22

He really liked shooting the AR-15 :)

This is me and my husband is showing me how to use the AR

I know my shooting stance is completely wrong, but because the rifle was so heavy for me, this is the stance I took. :) I LOVED shooting this AR!

Here is a target I shot...(with the .22 iron sights I think 100 yrds)

Ok...so I was a little exited about shooting the AR! :)

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  1. My husband has been thinking of buying a gun and will put us both in safety+training classes when he does. I will like that. On another note I checked out your pretty picture and outfit for your Feminine Friday post and then I see you in a gun slinging Saturday post with an AR-15! You made me laugh:) Have a wonderful day SW!


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