Crazy busy weekend...

This seems to be a Saturday night we didn't get home to rest until 9pm. Last night we didn't get home to rest until 8pm. All that busyness was not intended. :) The good news is although I am reallyyyy tired today, I was able to function throughout the weekend and not collapse.  I am heading into church this morning to do my volunteer work. Glad I am not too tired for that. :)

Please pray for a pastor friend of our's dad. He is struggling right now with his health. I have seen him age so fast the last few weeks. Most of our loved ones were taken away from us suddenly and we didn't have to see what goes with health struggles. Both of our dad's died rather suddenly. My dad was killed instantly at work and my husband's dad died of cancer in like 6 weeks after diagnosis. This man is a great guy and we look up to him and a godly figure in our life. It is hard to see him like this. Just pray for his comfort, for less pain, and peace.

Also, pray for direction in our lives. We are trying to discover what our "point b" is. We have an idea of what it is, but need confirmation. I would love for God to use someone to speak into our lives. Thanks all!


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