In the moment...

Busy days of summer...

Today I will try to finish up my business plan. What a hoot this has been. I have no idea what I'm doing really, but got an outline from SCORE and using that.

Tomorrow, I will can up some beets.

I am trying to not think too far into the future and not lose sight of today. I don't want to rush summer and I want to live in the moment. Too often my mind is so far ahead that I lose sight of what's happening right now. :) My son will be detasseling soon and even though it's hard work, he is looking forward to having some money for a car. Yesterday, our church had the Midwest Conference and he went and volunteered serving the attendees a meal. They had it catered, but he and some others served. I was told by several people including the pastor's wife that "he worked his tushie off" lol. I love hearing things like that. :)

Saturday, we hope to go to Shelbyville to swim. We will take a picnic and swim in the lake a while. I will be bringing an umbrella so I don't burn to a crisp lol.

I pray all of you have a great weekend and enjoy some family time. Summers come and go and soon they will never return. Spend as much time teaching and loving as you can until then...


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