Long weekend...

We went to Indy this weekend to visit my husband's family. We had a good time, but I'm pretty tired today. ;)
We had a cookout on Saturday night, which was great. I love sitting outside in the summer, especially when it's not so hot.
Yesterday we walked a 5k for my husband's niece. They were raising support for a program she does called Theraplay. I made it the whole way with some energy to spare. When we got home last evening though, we just crashed out on the couch and streamed Jericho. I love that show. :)

This week I will be continuing my bible school video lessons. I am SO happy the Lord lead me to that ministry. It has been such a huge blessing in my life. I am LOVING learning more about our God and His word. I love all the new tidbits that I hadn't seen before when I read the bible. I also like how I am understanding new meaning of things in the Word. It's just fascinating how God has intricately put His word together and some of the meaning behind things. :)

I'd better get a move on...Have to volunteer at church this morning, but first need to go pick up our cute doggies from the kennel...:)

Have a blessed day!


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