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This drought is crazy. I hope it lets up soon. I know August is just one day away, but I am already thinking of fall. Cool breezes, leaves falling, apples,

My boys had a GREAT time on their mission trip. I am so happy. Hunter has really grown up. He came home married.  Long story involving a facebook hack, (she hacked his phone and put that they were married lol) but turns out that a girl likes him and he likes her. I can't believe he will be 15 soon. Needless to say, this year so far has proven to be full of change and there's MORE to come.

I get a new laptop today provided to me for free for school. That is a nice blessing. I get my study materials Thursday and will be peaking at them for sure. I don't start school until Sept 17th.

I have been doing some canning and canned up some more beets the other day. I will be canning up some garlic here soon.

It seems strange not to share these moments with my parents. My mom has no interest really in my life until …

Love this song...


Ah you know, just rambling...

I can't believe Hunter starts school in a little over a week. High school no less. What a big change for him, but a good one. It will help him get ready for the "real" world. Being an only child has been wonderful, but also has isolated him a bit. I think he will be challenged and learn a lot of new lessons in life in the next 4 yrs.

Yesterday, he went to Six Flags with our church. He had a great time! I was so glad he got to go and have fun before school starts back up.  He and my husband are going on a mission trip this weekend to do some work over in Indiana. I am praying they have some good bonding time.

God continues to work in our lives. When discouragement comes, He is there to speak through my husband with words of encouragement. He helps me refocus on what all the changes are about in our life. Changes can be hard especially when there are unexpected ones that come along. Keeping in mind that He is in control no matter the circumstance can be challenging. Why is…

Fried plantains...

A Venezuelan favorite that I cooked up to have with supper the other good!

Fry up in butter or coconut oil with some brown sugar and vanilla. :)

Smiley pics

I thought I'd share a couple pics of me smiling...really.

Most of my pics are serious and I'm so self conscious of the camera...but here ya go!


Just stopping by real quick to let you know that the financing for school was approved yesterday! After sitting in their office talking and filling out paperwork for 3 hours, it's done! I start Sept 17th for the Holistic Health Practitioner program. Excited yet nervous. ;)

What I've been up to...

We were blessed with lots of corn, so I canned it up :) I got 20 jars canned. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it to me. I got all the corn FREE.

Along with garden work, I've still been studying. I'm not sure when exactly I will be taking my test for licensure, but hoping it's in Sept.

I go in today for my second appt with the finance people here for my schooling. Registration deadline is Aug 1st, but I may get an extension. If not, I won't be able to start school until JANUARY (ugh) if they don't get this process finished soon enough.

My husband has applied for a job with Ameren (a power company). He is hoping to get an interview. Could you please pray for that? If he doesn't get this, then he will be roofing the rest of his life and going into a partnership with his boss and another coworker. He has been roofing for 15 yrs and would like to do something different with Ameren. We are praying for God's will...

I hope you all are well. Even thoug…

Homemade calamine lotion

This great recipe comes from Frugally Sustainable. This time of year, most of us could use some calamine lotion and this is a great way to make it yourself!

Being the outdoorsy type of family that we are…we go through quite a bit of bug repellent.
Nevertheless, we always end up with some type of bite or rash.
One of the most common remedies for these types of ailments is calamine lotion. Calamine seems to be the go-to for those suffering from poison ivy and mosquito bites to chicken pox and eczema.
So here’s a homemade recipe that you can make with just a few ingredients that produces a look-a-like Calamine lotion. Well…it’s not exactly “look-a-like” — it’s more grey than pink — but I tell ya, it works wonders on any skin condition that causes an itchy irritation!

To see the recipe, click here to visit her page and check it out!

So many years ago

It's hard to believe this was 17yrs ago. :)  I am in the back row next to the tall lady.

I go in today to get fingerprinted so I can eventually take my test to reactivate my license. I can't wait to get that done. I hope I pass the test the first time as I did all those years ago.

It's been very busy here at the Wiseley Family Homestead. Sorry for the lack of blogging :)

Hope you all have a great day!

Love this poem

Pain's furnace heat within me quivers,
God's breath upon the flame doth blow;
And all my heart in anguish shivers
And trembles at the fiery glow;
And yet I whisper, "As God will!"
And in the hottest fire hold still.

He comes and lays my heart, all heated,
On the hard anvil, minded so
Into His own fair shape to beat it
With His great hammer, blow on blow;
And yet I whisper, "As God will!"
And at His heaviest blows hold still.

He takes my softened heart and beats it;
The sparks fly off at every blow;
He turns it o'er and o'er and heats it,
And lets it cool, and makes it glow;
And yet I whisper, "As God will!"
And in His mighty hand hold still.

Why should I murmur? for the sorrow
Thus only longer-lived would be;
The end may come, and will tomorrow,
When God has done His work in me;
So I say trusting, "As God will!"
And, trusting to the end, …

I'm back

Wow that was a hot week! Temps around 105 most of the week zapped a lot of energy! Especially for my roofing husband...

I have been doing a lot of studying/refreshing me memory for my upcoming board certification to reactivate my nursing license. I'm so glad most things are coming back to me. I just pray I pass this test the first time like I did when I first graduated ;)

I have several forms to fill out to get the ball rolling on the reactivation. Those forms are very confusing and I have a feeling I will be calling to have someone help walk me through them.

After such a busy week, we just stayed inside all day yesterday and rested. It was great. :) It felt so good to sit down and not think about forms, studying, etc and just melt into the couch and watch a show on Netflix :)

The weather looks to break this week and I should be able to get out into the garden more. It looks like a jungle (and not from weeds this time) LOL

I am still in the process for the funding for the schoolin…


I am taking this week off from blogging. I need to get some things organized here at home and in my mind lol. My blogging brain has frozen up and I need some time to thaw it out. :)

Be blessed!