Ah you know, just rambling...

I can't believe Hunter starts school in a little over a week. High school no less. What a big change for him, but a good one. It will help him get ready for the "real" world. Being an only child has been wonderful, but also has isolated him a bit. I think he will be challenged and learn a lot of new lessons in life in the next 4 yrs.

Yesterday, he went to Six Flags with our church. He had a great time! I was so glad he got to go and have fun before school starts back up.  He and my husband are going on a mission trip this weekend to do some work over in Indiana. I am praying they have some good bonding time.

God continues to work in our lives. When discouragement comes, He is there to speak through my husband with words of encouragement. He helps me refocus on what all the changes are about in our life. Changes can be hard especially when there are unexpected ones that come along. Keeping in mind that He is in control no matter the circumstance can be challenging. Why is that? I find myself asking that question all too often...

This weekend will be spent studying madly since I will have a quiet house. I will make good use of it. I also don't have to cook as I have gift certificates for a restaurant downtown and I will treat myself to a meal a couple times this weekend for free :) Hoping this weekend alone will prove to be productive and also enlightening as I listen to Him speak and tuck those words into my heart...


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