I'm back

Wow that was a hot week! Temps around 105 most of the week zapped a lot of energy! Especially for my roofing husband...

I have been doing a lot of studying/refreshing me memory for my upcoming board certification to reactivate my nursing license. I'm so glad most things are coming back to me. I just pray I pass this test the first time like I did when I first graduated ;)

I have several forms to fill out to get the ball rolling on the reactivation. Those forms are very confusing and I have a feeling I will be calling to have someone help walk me through them.

After such a busy week, we just stayed inside all day yesterday and rested. It was great. :) It felt so good to sit down and not think about forms, studying, etc and just melt into the couch and watch a show on Netflix :)

The weather looks to break this week and I should be able to get out into the garden more. It looks like a jungle (and not from weeds this time) LOL

I am still in the process for the funding for the schooling for the Holistic Health Practitioner. I go for step number two on the 18th.  They said they are confident that I will be approved. Still praying...

I hope you all had a great week wherever you were. :)


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