This drought is crazy. I hope it lets up soon. I know August is just one day away, but I am already thinking of fall. Cool breezes, leaves falling, apples, caramel...lol.

My boys had a GREAT time on their mission trip. I am so happy. Hunter has really grown up. He came home married.  Long story involving a facebook hack, (she hacked his phone and put that they were married lol) but turns out that a girl likes him and he likes her. I can't believe he will be 15 soon. Needless to say, this year so far has proven to be full of change and there's MORE to come.

I get a new laptop today provided to me for free for school. That is a nice blessing. I get my study materials Thursday and will be peaking at them for sure. I don't start school until Sept 17th.

I have been doing some canning and canned up some more beets the other day. I will be canning up some garlic here soon.

It seems strange not to share these moments with my parents. My mom has no interest really in my life until she gets some recognition out of it. She has never really been a mom in the motherly sense. My dad is gone and I can't share these things with him. I feel like he is missing so much. But, God has it happen that way and who am I to question why. My husband and I are getting closer year by year (going on 16yrs of marriage) and I have my son who is a wonderful wonderful guy. I am so proud of him. Oh...please be in prayer for him as he enters high school this year. He starts Monday! He will face a lot of difficult situations and will need the Holy Spirit to whisper in his ear MANY times I'm sure. Pray for protection over him and that he will continue to listen to God's guidance.

Going to be a busy week here at the Wiseley Family Homestead. I pray you all have a great one and remember to enjoy each moment as it comes.


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