Break over...whew

It has been a couple weeks since I posted last.  Things have been busy and I just needed to take a break. :)

Hunter started his first real day of classes today. This whole experience has been really rough...for all of us. The school is so disorganized and so is the bus system.  The bus just kept on going this morning and didn't even pick him up and then after school did the same thing. This was after getting things straightened out (or so we thought) during Freshman week. What a mess. It has caused him anxiety, but he is better and dealing with it ok. He was able to talk to an older friend of ours named, Rich, last night at church and also at dinner. He doesn't have a grandpa to really be able to talk to and glean older wisdom from so that was nice.

We pray with him every morning before  he goes to set is day in the right direction. He is a pretty strong kid and has been doing well with all this considering the environment he is in for school. He likes his honors classes better so far.

Through all these changes, my heart has really been aching for a father. I really wish it wouldn't. It is so hard to push those feelings aside and realize that will never be. I just miss hugs and talks and such. Just so much. Sometimes I wish it would be ok for us to talk again. I miss it so much. Why I can't seem to get passed it, I don't know. I wish I could just tell him I miss him and love him and things be normal...

I am still studying and waiting to hear back from our state about taking the nursing board test. They are very I won't be taking it as soon as I thought I would, but that gives me more time to study. ;)

Ryan and Hunter will be going on a foreign mission trip this winter. I will stay home alone. Might do me some good. I will be busy with school anyhow. I am excited for them to go and do this together. :)

I will be blogging more often now that I'm done with the break. :)
Hope you all are having a great summer! Hope some of you got to visit Yellowstone and enjoyed it for me! Oh how I would love to see that someday! :)


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