First day of high school!

He is growing up. Today he starts his freshman year of high school. He has grown 5 in since his last birthday and it's just happening so fast...

They have to wear uniforms at the school and this is one of them. He hates that he has to tuck his shirt in lol..(don't blame him)

Oh and the bus was 25 min late this morning on the first day. Praying he does well and is a light in the school. Hoping the rest of the day is good and the rest of the week smooths out as the wrinkles are ironed out...

Hard to believe that I am no longer a homeschooling mom...


  1. All the best to him!

    I meant to comment on your earlier post, but major kudos for homeschooling him most of the way & letting him attend "regular" high school. It will be a great experience for him socially as well as academically (different teachers/new subjects from at home). I am a big supporter of home-schooling, but I know it can be isolating or limiting for some kids. Hope you are well! :) I miss your H&H group!

    1. Thanks for your comment. :) I know this is best for him as he is an only child. He now gets to apply all the lessons he has learned over the years in a new environment. I want him to be a light to his school and be a good example.
      I am doing well. In fact, I am going back to school to become a Holistic Health Practitioner. I start next month. Really excited about it. My health is so much better now since starting LDN. Praising God for this miracle. :)

  2. I hate wearing uniform. Its unfashionable. Hope private schools wouldn't make us wear it.


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