Hodge Podge

Hunter survived his first week of High School. He was a bit frustrated that they did not do anything academically. Starting tomorrow, though, they will be doing school lol.

We have the worst luck with mowers. Our mower broke down AGAIN and we fixed it and then within minutes of me using it again to mow, something else broke on it...ugh. I only got half the yard done. It looks silly. I am hoping we can borrow a mower from someone.

I am trying very hard to not become discouraged. Things like the mower, school frustrations, family frustrations, house frustration are all too common lately. My husband and I feel beat down, discouraged, exhausted, and just want to say "uncle" and go and lick our wounds.  I know when you are doing what God wants and being obedient to Him in what He is calling you to do in your life, satan can be allowed to sift us as wheat, be used to refine us in fire, and be used to see just how strong our faith really is. I have to admit, I find myself whining about all that. I am obviously not where God wants me spiritually yet. I still have much refining to do to be as effective for His kingdom as He wants me to be.

When these fires come, it is hard not to lash out at each other. When irritation drives into you like a sharp nail, it's easy to do. We often find ourselves laughing at the obvious trial/test and try to refocus on what is really going on. Satan wants to see if He can throw us off track. Sometimes we just need a break to regroup, regain strength, replenish supplies, and then we can fight some more...We are ready for such a break.

Please keep our family in your prayers during all these transitions that are occurring. Please keep Haiti in your prayers from the hurricane effects. My husband is going there in October. Please pray that things will let up a bit so that we can regroup and be ready to fight another day...


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