It's been ten yrs...

Since I have been to the dentist...
I cracked/broke a tooth (a baby molar) a couple weeks ago and now I go in today to get it fixed. Ugh. I did get complimented on how clean my teeth were for not being to a dentist in so long...Hey I only go when I need to lol. I have 4 baby teeth still that never had adult teeth. Never born with them :) They say they usually only last 20 36 and still going is pretty good :) So today I go in and get fixed up. Not really looking forward to it, but who really does?

Hunter stayed after school yesterday to help the Biology teacher unpack and set up his room. He enjoyed that and turned out he was the only one who stayed. Tonight he is golfing with the PE teacher and looks like he may be on the golf team there at school. He will enjoy that.

I have gotten our meal menu ready for the next month (Sept) so that when school starts for me I will not  have to scramble and try to come up with something to make on top of school and studying. There is only so much room up there in my brain...ha!

I am enjoying these last bits of summer. I love the cool evenings and warm days. So pleasant.  Pretty soon October will be here and my husband will be off to Haiti.

I am enjoying things that God has been revealing to me and let me tell you, there are many OPPORTUNITIES here to be worked on. :) Got a long way to go...don't we all?

I pray you all have a blessed day :)


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