Eeee...more changes!

I am loving school so far...except for that scary 1400 word research paper I have to do lol. I have a week to finish each module and so far it takes me 3 days. I'm ok with that. It lets me have time to do things around the house still. :) It helps that I have most all day to dedicate to school, so I finish faster. I have gotten all A's on my exams so far. :)

Today is Hunter's last day of public school. We (Hunter and us) have decided to continue to homeschool. He has gotten A's and B's so far, but it has become quite a bit more difficult to concentrate in the noisy, uncontrolled atmosphere. He learns much better at home and has a lot more opportunities available. He will be doing Civil Air Patrol, also. He will be taking college level courses for some of his classes this year and then next year, he will be able to take some that count for college credit. We are glad about that. He is glad to be coming back to Cornerstone Academy (our homeschool name) and be in his element again.

I met the teachers he had in school last night and one said she wanted his email so she could get tech support for her computer in class lol...oh my. Another one said we were doing the right thing taking him out and he said he is better off at home. That was his biology teacher. Great guy. He also helped me with a resource to get dissection kits :) Actually, all his teacher (except one) said we were doing the right thing with continuing to homeschool. They said they basically are babysitting a class of over 30 kids and it is really hard to get things taught. Homeschool is truly a "No Child Left Behind" entity. :)

Fall is gearing up and the garden is winding down. I have A LOT of tomatoes to harvest still and some peppers and herbs. My husband is going to help tomorrow get the garden put to bed. I better get going and get some things done around here. I will probably do some more reading later. I just can't put my school books down very long ;)


  1. I am so glad most of the teachers were truthful and in agreement about your chosing to homeschool, again. I know my boys would never make it. LOL They are just a different breed of kid and thinker due to homeschooling.


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