Happy Birthday...

to my husband...He is 35 today! I am making him a peach crisp with a maple cream sauce. :)

I will cook his birthday dinner Saturday. He has a meeting for Haiti tonight. He leaves next month.

Here is a thought for today. It's for all you wives.

When we allow God to shape us into the woman our husband needs rather than the woman we think we should be, we live out our purpose and bring glory to God. ~Darlene Schacht

I have to ask myself, do I bring glory to God by being the wife *I* think I should be, or do I bring glory to Him by being the wife *my husband* needs. It's a difficult thing to die to self. You may feel like you are sacrificing too much by becoming what he needs, like you lose a part of yourself. You may very well lose part of yourself to become what He intended you to be, but that's ok! No easy, but ok. We are to look to the interests of others and not of ourselves. In doing so, we glorify God and isn't that what it's all about?


  1. Our hubbys share a birthday! How about that. Hope your husband has a wonderful day! He is lucky to have such a such devoted, Godly wife. :)

    1. Aw, thanks, Cassandra. :) Happy Birthday to your hubby!


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