We have decided that Hunter will return to homeschooling after this semester is over (around Dec21). Unless he decides he wants to stay and he loves it, that's the plan. There is just too much distraction, poor teaching, potential danger, etc. We all have decided to look at these next few months as a mission trip. He will be on the mission field for about 3 mos in a public school. He is journaling his experience and some lessons have already been learned.
Once he returns to homeschooling, he will be taking some college level classes through MIT and Carnegie Mellon although he will not get college credit for them. These are free open classes. I am so thankful for programs like that! :)
I start school Monday. It will probably be really overwhelming at first since I am going full time and have 4 classes this semester. It will be a challenge no doubt and I pray the Lord allows me to remained focused and disciplined. :)

Here is a picture that Hunter took the other day when we were going hiking. He caught me pondering, which is something I do often ;)

His photography learning will count as part of his Fine Arts for homeschool. He is glad for that. :)

I pray you all are well. I apologize in advance if my writing gets sporadic. I'm not the best writer in the first place and now that life is getting ready to explode with hecticness (is that a word lol), I may not have a lot of time to spare for blogging. I will try my best though :)


  1. I like the way your looking at the next three months. :) Your in my prayers.


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