What a wonderful thing...

to be so in love...For my husband and I, it gets better with every passing year. I cannot wait to grow old with him...oh wait, we are doing that now lol. I hope we get to be married for at least 65 yrs.

A good marriage doesn't come easy. It takes work and it takes being intentional. My husband does this by attending a small group called Family Shepherding where he gets to talk with other men and encourage one another to lead their family in a godly way.

He also does sweet things. Yesterday he sneakily went and got a Scentsy warmer that I have been wanting. It was quite a surprise and I loved his thoughtfulness.

For me, it takes being intentional, also. Such as not getting upset when he has to work late, or forgets to do something I have asked him (a lot) to do. It's being gracious when he snaps because he has had a hard, long day. It takes me being soft and loving. It's fixing his favorite foods, special treats, rubbing his shoulders, being tender. And always being available.

It also takes forgiveness. Marriage needs to be full of it. :) Without forgiveness, bitterness brews. Bitterness leads to awful things that should never be allowed to grow in a marriage.

My husband and I have been together now for 18 yrs. Married almost 16. It's been quite a journey. One that I would take over and over with him. I love him so much...


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