Good morning...

 In less than a week, my husband will be leaving for Haiti and will be gone for 10 whole days. I will miss him greatly. I'm glad he gets this opportunity to go serve God there again though. We are working on getting things done around this ole homestead before he leaves. Hunter and I will be doing lots of school while he's gone :)

I go to the cardiologist on the 18th. I have been having chest pains, shortness of breath, fatigue occasionally. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am much more likely to have cardiovascular disease because of it. The inflammation of rheumatism is not just in my joints, but throughout my body. This inflammation can cause hardening of the arteries, pericarditis, etc. So I am going to get checked out. I only wish my rheumatologist told me about the heart issues when I was diagnosed last winter. It would have been helpful to know to watch for certain things and to make sure that I am eating a heart healthy diet. (I did mostly. I do more now). It's a shame that I had to find this out myself and not from my own doctor. That is one of the reasons I am going to school to be a Holistic Health Practitioner. I am an advocate for patient education.

Homeschooling is going well so far. Hunter has a homeschool "homecoming" dance coming up at the end of the month. He is taking a girl from church. :)

Most of my garden was lost in a recent frost. I will be doing a lot of canning while my husband is gone in Haiti. I have a freezer full of tomatoes right now. That, along with school, will keep me busy. :)

Hope you all are having a GREAT fall!


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