It's hard...

watching someone you care about in their last stages of this life...One of our good friends, Rich, is dying. He is the dad of one of our pastors and friend. We went to see him today and it's hard to see him in so much pain and confused at times. There just seems to be a lot of heartache lately.  I would be crushed under the weight of life if it weren't for God. He is what keeps me standing.

At the end of our visit today, I hugged Rich and told him I loved him. This is what he said to me. "I love you, too, Stephanie. You have such a sweet heart. Don't ever lose your sweet heart." I told him I sure would try not to.

His words were an answer to prayer. My diseases can get the better of me at times. I feel in my heart that I have become a little bitter inside and that can come out at times as grouchiness or frustration. There are times where I wonder if I still had any sweetness in me. I have been praying that God would help me to not become a bitter person with my circumstances and what seems to be a never ending battle with pain and health issues. I never wanted my diseases to dictate my attitude or who I was...

I believe there is still sweetness in me and I am determined to let that show more and more. It seems my sweetness has an impact on others that I was not aware of. It was wonderful and refreshing for Rich to say that to me and for me to have had a sweet impact on his life. I want to lay down what bitterness I do have and let more of my sweetness show. For His sake...

I continue to covet your prayers for my health as I am not all better. I can walk around the house now, but not very well and the swelling and pain are still intense. My heart condition has not improved yet either. Hoping for something better there soon. Pray for me to have patience and a sweet spirit despite this awfulness right now. But, most important, pray for Rich and his family. Pray his pain will be controlled and even gone and that his family will be comforted and soothed during this time. It's a hard thing to lose a loved one...believe me, I know...

Thank you for your faithfulness...


  1. Have you heard of the Paleo diet? It is suppose to heal inflammation in the body. It is mostly fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits and good oils. You may want to google it and check it out. My daughter is on it and feels better than she ever has before.

  2. I have. I need some grains though. I ended up with too low of potassium and needed to incorporate a bit of grains. Mediterranean is great for me. Paleo was also too much red meat for me.

  3. We don't eat red meat either. We can't digest it so we eat fish, chicken, eggs, turkey, lots of vegetables and fruit. It will be interesting to see if I have trouble with potassium since I am not eating grains but my gut is definitely feeling better. I pray you get well soon. Blessings, Lori


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