Something I've learned and I will try to put into words...
I've learned that me and my body and all it's broken parts, pain, disappointments, etc is just speck in the big picture of this world. It really means absolutely nothing. I'm just a tiny part of this world and what goes on with my body is contained to what's right in front of me. What really matters is not me or what is wrong with my body, but the world, the relationships to be had, mission work to be done, people who need to hear the Word, and love that needs to be spread.

Everything that goes on in my body (or doesn't) is just my package. I carry my package with me everywhere I go and it humbles me, but I have learned to not open that package anymore. But, instead to just carry it with me and continue on with life and to do His will however possible and however He equips me to do it. Everyone has a package they carry. These things just happen to be mine. God has given me such strength and desire to do missions, a loss of self, and a sense to help others in any way I can. I believe it will be mostly through education. And you see, you don't need a wonderful physical body to educate people ;)

Sigh...I hope that made sense. It makes sense in my heart and spirit, but not sure it comes across clear :)


  1. Dear Stephanie, I understand exactly what you mean, and it is a good place to come to. I have had chronic fatigue for quite a few years and was going through tests and appointments and they had become my focus, nothing was improving anyway so it was quite depressing. I came to the same place as you have. I stopped letting it bother me and got on with life (my package)It was like a weight off my shoulders.I feel happier, my family are happier and I can get on with my walk with God. Kind wishes. Lesley (budgeteer) www.heartforhome-making.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Dear Stephanie,
    It came across ~ *beautifully*! Thank you so much for sharing. I will be passing this along to others who also carry burdens, packages, broken bodies.

  3. I needed this reminder, as I am struggling with my own minor health issues during this season of life.


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