Not a fun day...and an update

I spent my birthday yesterday at the hospital. My rheumatologist thought my flare turned into a septic joint infection. Arthrocentesis hurts. :( BUT, praising the Lord that I DO NOT have an infection in my joint. The doc said I am having a severe flare of my rheumatoid arthritis. I got to take home some Toradol and hoping that continues to bring relief until this flare dissipates. I still can't walk without extreme pain and limping, but think I should be able to soon.

Feeling a little better today with the toradol. Very sore though all over from shaking so bad from the pain of the arthrocentesis.
I also learned that all we can do for my RA is manage the pain. So I am going to try to manage my inflammation naturally with heavy antioxidants and such. Thanks for all the prayers the last few weeks.

Cardiologist update: I do have a condition called POTS with cerebral hypoperfusion. With this condition, my heart rate is running 110-150's constantly. It can be treated with meds which I will start today. I have to check back in a week to see if it's better on these meds and if not we will try something else. This condition explains a lot and I'm happy to be able to get on the road of treating it.


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