A good day!

A good day!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Couldn't think of a title ;)

Hunter had golf practice again yesterday and did better than the time before. He is THE team lol. He will play 3 or 4 tournaments this year. I am looking forward to going and supporting/encouraging him. :)

I can't believe his birthday is Monday already. He is going to be 15! Where has the time gone? It seems just like yesterday he was learning to walk...He is becoming quite the young man.

If hurricane Isaac's effects get done with the midwest by Sunday, we are planning on going to Starved Rock and doing some backpacking and possibly horseback riding. Sounds like a fantastic day to me! I am just so thankful that I can even CONSIDER doing such a thing. It's a real miracle. These past 4 mos have been so wonderful that I almost forget what it was like to be so sick for almost 15 yrs. I never would have thought I could forget such an awful thing. Funny how God works :) I just hope it can stay that way for many more years...

Hunter's school experience is getting a little better. He is getting into the swing of things. He is still waiting for them to do some real school. I told him to enjoy it while he can. Pretty soon he will have assignments and homework. :)

Well, I'd better get busy. I have a lot of cleaning to do and baking to do for backpacking if we get to go. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why I won't go in the garden anymore...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hodge Podge

Hunter survived his first week of High School. He was a bit frustrated that they did not do anything academically. Starting tomorrow, though, they will be doing school lol.

We have the worst luck with mowers. Our mower broke down AGAIN and we fixed it and then within minutes of me using it again to mow, something else broke on it...ugh. I only got half the yard done. It looks silly. I am hoping we can borrow a mower from someone.

I am trying very hard to not become discouraged. Things like the mower, school frustrations, family frustrations, house frustration are all too common lately. My husband and I feel beat down, discouraged, exhausted, and just want to say "uncle" and go and lick our wounds.  I know when you are doing what God wants and being obedient to Him in what He is calling you to do in your life, satan can be allowed to sift us as wheat, be used to refine us in fire, and be used to see just how strong our faith really is. I have to admit, I find myself whining about all that. I am obviously not where God wants me spiritually yet. I still have much refining to do to be as effective for His kingdom as He wants me to be.

When these fires come, it is hard not to lash out at each other. When irritation drives into you like a sharp nail, it's easy to do. We often find ourselves laughing at the obvious trial/test and try to refocus on what is really going on. Satan wants to see if He can throw us off track. Sometimes we just need a break to regroup, regain strength, replenish supplies, and then we can fight some more...We are ready for such a break.

Please keep our family in your prayers during all these transitions that are occurring. Please keep Haiti in your prayers from the hurricane effects. My husband is going there in October. Please pray that things will let up a bit so that we can regroup and be ready to fight another day...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's been ten yrs...

Since I have been to the dentist...
I cracked/broke a tooth (a baby molar) a couple weeks ago and now I go in today to get it fixed. Ugh. I did get complimented on how clean my teeth were for not being to a dentist in so long...Hey I only go when I need to lol. I have 4 baby teeth still that never had adult teeth. Never born with them :) They say they usually only last 20 yrs...so 36 and still going is pretty good :) So today I go in and get fixed up. Not really looking forward to it, but who really does?

Hunter stayed after school yesterday to help the Biology teacher unpack and set up his room. He enjoyed that and turned out he was the only one who stayed. Tonight he is golfing with the PE teacher and looks like he may be on the golf team there at school. He will enjoy that.

I have gotten our meal menu ready for the next month (Sept) so that when school starts for me I will not  have to scramble and try to come up with something to make on top of school and studying. There is only so much room up there in my brain...ha!

I am enjoying these last bits of summer. I love the cool evenings and warm days. So pleasant.  Pretty soon October will be here and my husband will be off to Haiti.

I am enjoying things that God has been revealing to me and let me tell you, there are many OPPORTUNITIES here to be worked on. :) Got a long way to go...don't we all?

I pray you all have a blessed day :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Break over...whew

It has been a couple weeks since I posted last.  Things have been busy and I just needed to take a break. :)

Hunter started his first real day of classes today. This whole experience has been really rough...for all of us. The school is so disorganized and so is the bus system.  The bus just kept on going this morning and didn't even pick him up and then after school did the same thing. This was after getting things straightened out (or so we thought) during Freshman week. What a mess. It has caused him anxiety, but he is better and dealing with it ok. He was able to talk to an older friend of ours named, Rich, last night at church and also at dinner. He doesn't have a grandpa to really be able to talk to and glean older wisdom from so that was nice.

We pray with him every morning before  he goes to set is day in the right direction. He is a pretty strong kid and has been doing well with all this considering the environment he is in for school. He likes his honors classes better so far.

Through all these changes, my heart has really been aching for a father. I really wish it wouldn't. It is so hard to push those feelings aside and realize that will never be. I just miss hugs and talks and such. Just so much. Sometimes I wish it would be ok for us to talk again. I miss it so much. Why I can't seem to get passed it, I don't know. I wish I could just tell him I miss him and love him and things be normal...

I am still studying and waiting to hear back from our state about taking the nursing board test. They are very SLOW...so I won't be taking it as soon as I thought I would, but that gives me more time to study. ;)

Ryan and Hunter will be going on a foreign mission trip this winter. I will stay home alone. Might do me some good. I will be busy with school anyhow. I am excited for them to go and do this together. :)

I will be blogging more often now that I'm done with the break. :)
Hope you all are having a great summer! Hope some of you got to visit Yellowstone and enjoyed it for me! Oh how I would love to see that someday! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Taking an extended blogging break

I am taking a break from blogging. I haven't had much time to do it anyway and it's just going to get busier. :) 

Monday, August 6, 2012

First day of high school!

He is growing up. Today he starts his freshman year of high school. He has grown 5 in since his last birthday and it's just happening so fast...

They have to wear uniforms at the school and this is one of them. He hates that he has to tuck his shirt in lol..(don't blame him)

Oh and the bus was 25 min late this morning on the first day. Praying he does well and is a light in the school. Hoping the rest of the day is good and the rest of the week smooths out as the wrinkles are ironed out...

Hard to believe that I am no longer a homeschooling mom...

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