It's Been a While...

It has been a few years since I have written in this blog. A lot has changed! For starters, I am no longer sick! I was healed 3 yrs ago this month :D It's a long story, but you can hear the testimony here. In 2015, we spent 5 weeks in Venezuela doing mission work. My son graduated high school. We have added a ton to our prepper stash. (more on that in a future post) I started making and selling handmade soaps and hand-blended teas that are made right here on our homestead. You can visit our Etsy shop here.

We visited Idaho this winter. What a beautiful place! We also got to finally visit Montana, too. Glacier was so pretty!

Our winter here in Illinois has been very mild and has me catching Spring fever already! I have to hold myself back from planting anything too early. Instead, I am focusing on ripping out old garden beds and burning parts of the property that are overgrown.

I've got a ton to do around Moose Head Homestead today and better get to it! Have a great day!


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