What Does Victory Look Like?

We have the choice to walk in victory and not in defeat no matter our situation, whether we experience symptoms of sickness or not. We live in a fallen world and we are not immune to trials and tribulations such as sickness, disease or pain. There are times when we can rebuke and stand against such things and they flee, but there will be times when they will not. Our victory comes when we trust in Him anyhow, keep our eyes on Him, and don’t give satan a foothold or inroad into our life. Paul, to me, was a great example of this. He was beaten, shipwrecked, stoned, was weak, harassed by a demon, and more. Yet, through all that, he had the victory. He kept his eyes on Christ, praised Him in prison, continued to spread the gospel, and kept fighting the enemy. God promises us we will be delivered. That means we have to be put in situations that require deliverance. We are not immune! We may see our deliverance here on Earth several times over in different situations. We may also see it by leaving this Earth. One way or another, we are promised deliverance. God is faithful! We must continue to trust NO MATTER WHAT.

Being a child of God, an heir with Christ, we already have the victory! But, please note, just as we have been forgiven of our sins, but continue to struggle with sin, we can still struggle with our health, even though that price has been paid, too. It comes down to trusting that He has taken care of both and then living for Him with our focus on Him and not our sin or the state of our health all the time. Of course we need to address each of these issues when they arise (asking forgiveness for our sins and turning away from it, and rebuking and standing against sickness when it arises). But, then it’s time to move forward in what He has for us. It’s really about the kingdom and our relationship with Christ. We don’t want our health to become an idol that takes over our life. Satan can use our authority over sickness and lack of manifestation to drive us mad and keep our eyes on self, causing us to investigate every little reason why something is not happening the way we think it should. The next thing you know, you are focusing on why it didn’t work and what’s wrong with you, instead of trusting that Jesus has it all in His hands. It becomes about what YOU did wrong instead of it being about Jesus, the reason any of it is possible. It is through His name alone we have any authority to speak to our mountain. Speak to your mountain, rebuke and stand firm against sickness and demonic harassment, then trust Him, praise Him, and rest in Him. And if you don’t see any results in the flesh, trust Him anyhow and go about the Father’s business. Because in the end, that’s all that really matters...



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